1 Day Mabira Forest Bird Watching Safari

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Shoebill in Mabamba swamp

Trip highlight

Here comes a perfect opportunity for you who seek to relax with the side and sights of several bird species, as well as experience how it feels walking through a forest, flashed by the sunrays, and blanketed by echoes of forest residents.

A one-day birding safari to Mabira starts and ends from where you deem feet, and offers a perfect chance of encountering several rare bird species; notably the Tamburo dove, black-headed weaver and African grey parrots among others. This adventure may a pear brief yet very affordable, and rewarding. It is in simple terms, a day of making a story.

Detailed tour

Day 1: Birding tour in Mabira Forest

This one-day birding experience will kick off very early in the morning from Kampala/Entebbe airport. The drive to one of the oldest natural forest reserves and birders’ haven in Uganda lasts for roughly 2-3hours, through a very captivating route, marked with magnificent infrastructure, busy towns, different BBQ points and an exhausting traffic jam. Mabira forest which at this time will be our destination is located in the Buikwe district along between Lugazi and Jinja, covering an area of roughly 306 square kilometers and hosting over 300 bird species.

The climate here is very pleasant to birds, which migrate in numbers all year round, thus offering a perfect chance of spotting your favorite. The sound and sights of these glittering birds like the great blue turaco, African grey parrot, black-headed weaver, tambourine dove and superb sunbirds among others will keep you focused on the start of the adventure to the end.

Other attractions to look out for include several plant species and many more. This is a full day activity, with a lunch break, and a sunset drops off at the agreed point.

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